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Old School? Not Ruth Bader Ginsburg!


Q: People often toss around phrases from political speeches, but it seems unusual for lines of legalese to make it into the blogosphere. What is it about Ginsburg’s writing that makes it so quotable?

A: Ginsburg really makes a point to focus on the human aspect of the cases. When you’re talking about a political campaign speech, there’s a factor of lowest common denominator. You’re trying to appeal as many people as possible, so there are platitudes, and you have to massage things in a certain way. But when you’re dealing with a particular case, as the Supreme Court does, there are actual people involved with lives and interests at stake. And when Ginsburg writes, it’s really clear that she’s focused on the implications for people’s lives.  

How An 81-Year-Old Supreme Court Justice Became An Unlikely Pop Culture Icon

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